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Anonymous asked: How old are the members ?

Nandi is 18.

Daphne is 18.

Olina is 17.

Adriana is 21.

Anna just turned 11.

Kammy is 17.

Sylwia is 17.

Don’t know the ages of our new members though whoops. 

March 2014
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Anonymous asked: what is the song where did jesus go exactly? i've seen stuff about it, but it was never on an album? and where can you find a good quality download of it?

Oh honey. If you don’t have her (I say her because it was the old TPR band when she recorded them) demos, then you have been missing out (I hope this doesn’t come off as mean)

I’ll make a post right now with download links to all of them. Hold on! 

July 2013
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Anonymous asked: I think you've done an amazing job when you added Quinn and Kammy to the blog their gifs are awesome but i don't see the point for Julia... she never post, and theres lots of other peoples who'd wanna be a part of the blog. Shes like a ghost user

We’re aware more people want to be a part of the blog, and we truly appreciate it. I think that’s great you care so much, so thank you. We just aren’t accepting new members right now, I’m sorry. I really do feel bad. Maybe in the future.

As for Julia, well summer just started for most, so people have been busy with school etc. Maybe you’ll see some gifs from her soon. We’ve all been ghost users at one point. If anything becomes a big problem though, don’t worry, we’ll take care of it.

June 2013
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Anonymous asked: ''i go down on you so slowly'' wait theres no such line in the song!!
June 2012
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erro-mortal asked: Where do you find these themes of Taylor Momsen?

It’s not a Taylor Momsen theme. It comes with the option of a header and you have to make your own.

May 2012
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iwasraisedtobelieve asked: following! love your blog ! xoxo

Aw, thank you so much <3

March 2012
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erro-mortal asked: Hi my angel loved your tumblr follow me back please?

This is a tumblelog, so we can’t follow you back.

March 2012
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Anonymous asked: you have the video link of Taylor Momsen singing Hit Me Like a Man on acoustic?
March 2012
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Anonymous asked: you are american ?

I am (xxxmomsen)

Daphne, Olina, and Kathryn are from Greece.

Anna from Sweden.

Sylwia from Poland.

Sena from New York.

and Adriana is from Spain but lives in Texas.

March 2012
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Anonymous asked: I love your blogg! where do u get your pics from! its amazing! can u recommend good taylor blogss?

Well we don’t really post pics here, we make gifs, and usually get the vids from youtube.

and there’s our blogs: ilovemomsen, heartmomsen, xxxxmomsen, momsenzombie, and tabloidfixture.

and then these are also some good Tay blogs: momsendrug, ifuckformomsen, fallenformomsen, fuckyeahtaymom and taylorfuckinmomsen.

February 2012
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lovel-y-love-deactivated2013061 asked: You tumblr is perfect s2 +follow.

Thank you!